We organize your Webshop

We optimize the content to make the buying process user-friendly and to increase your sales.
We update your webshop to make sure all products online are available for sale.
We upload new products, descriptions, prices, and we remove discontinued products.
We create or revise your terms and conditions, frequently asked questions and usage policies.

We are the link between your clients and your company

We realize pre-sale contact with potential clients and technical assistance for payment
We coordinate with the logistics department and follow-up orders
We create offers and discounts to generate more sales
We send invoices to clients and we take care of customer service

Active sales

We generate traffic to the webshop through organic SEO and Google Adwords.
We create awareness and visibility to your online store thanks to social media advertising and PPC campaigns.
We make your followers active and engaged with your content through offers, games, coupons and other incentives.
We look for strategic B2B partners that can help you reach your goals.